Frequently Asked Questions

A privacy-friendly public record search engine doesn’t need to be an oxymoron. Whether you’re concerned about the information you provide to Personius or searches you conduct, or you’re curious about what public information on yourself might turn up, Personius always respects your privacy. Personius’s full privacy practices are contained in our privacy policy, but this FAQ will give you an idea of how we treat your information. If this FAQ does not answer all of your questions, please feel free to contact us at

Personius uses the information you submit during the registration process to manage your relationship with Personius. For example, we use your email address to provide you with information about your Personius account, product updates, and general information about Personius. We do not, under any circumstances, use your account information as part of our search results nor do we sell your information to third party providers of public record information.

There are countless ways you can use Personius. This includes checking out people you meet on online dating websites, trying to locate old friends, and learning more about those in you or your family members’ lives. You can also use Personius to see what information is out there on yourself. You can use Personius to find out who called your phone, to research property, or find a person’s public social networking profiles.

What you can’t do is use Personius to determine a person’s eligibility or suitability for employment, insurance, credit, loans, education, housing, or other similar purposes. Using Personius information in these ways violates both our Terms & Conditions and the law, and can lead to possible criminal penalties. We take this very seriously, and reserve the right to terminate user accounts and/or report violators to law enforcement as appropriate.

In addition, we encourage you to review our complete Terms & Conditions, which provide the final say on how you can use information from Personius, or to contact us at

At this time Personius does not offer the ability to search records pertaining to the international community. Our services only provide information on US-based people.

All of Personius reports are confidential. The person you are searching for is not notified.

You may cancel your subscription at any time You may use our automated support line to cancel your subscription, press 1 and then 2 on the prompts. Cancelation Line: +1-888-271-9562 Alternatively you may request a cancelation from our live chat located at the bottom right of the website or email us at

Our support teams handle all email inquiries and would be happy to help you further. Email or call 1-888-271-9562 during normal working hours. Contact us.